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Our Story

In 2016, the Elcomponics group, one of the largest manufacturers of Electronics / Electrical components, created a new subsidiary Elworld agro and organic foods pvt. Ltd. with a vision to promote a healthy lifestyle. Mr. S.N. Dwivedi founded Elworld as a Make in India initiative, aiming to promote the primitive methods of cultivation via organic farming. In a span of 1 year, we have managed to join hands with over 2000 farmers and have kept our promise of delivering 100% organic products.

We believe that purity is the way of life and purity is what everyone deserves. We believe in the philosophy of farm to fork, not only meeting one’s hunger but fulfilling nutritional needs through quality organic food. We strive to redefine the food experience by sourcing and serving only the freshest and finest food products. Through our organic farming methods, health is served on your plate.

The story of an El World Agro product starts on one of the many farms in India that have adopted organic cultivation practices that are free from

Artificial Fertilizers
Synthetic Pesticides
Genetic Modifications
Artificial Feed Additives
Antibiotics(on animals)

El World Agro is associated with over 2500 farmers in India, providing them with all necessary facilities for organic production including solar power, water pumps and regular electricity for irrigation

This ensures that what you get on your plate had its origins in the best conditions, unaffected by any unwanted contaminants and additives.

Much like the popular belief “Drink Life like a glass of Juice”, we believe that purity is the way of life that everyone deserves.

After joining hands with more than 2500 farmers who work to produce A-grade products through sustainable farming methods, we aim at collaborating with more in our quest for providing finest flavors.